4 de April de 2000

About Candidate

Querida familia

Hello, my name is Leticia and I'm from Germany.
I am 2 years old and about to finish my last year of high school.
After school I am planning to take a gap year and be an au pair.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile. I would really love to hear from you.

Mi personalidad

I am a very open and friendly person who has no problem approaching others. I enjoy having company and would call myself an extrovert. I love music and laughter and good humor.
However I also enjoy some downtime where I can have some peace and quiet, like being in nature, reading or just being at home.

Mi familia y mis amigos

I live with my parents in a small town near a river in Germany. I have one brother and I am the youngest child.

Mis idiomas


Mi tiempo libre y mis hobbies

I love to play volleyball and I can never resist a good book.
I am a very passionate reader and you will never catch me without one that I am planning to read next.
I also love being in nature and especially at the beach. I love the beach or being near any large body of water.


I try not to have high expectations but since I am a reader it is almost inevitable.
I would love to find a second home where I feel a sense of comfort and belonging and be treated like a family member. I would also like to gather new experiences and explore another country

Mis estudios

I will finish my Abitur next year. A Abitur is the 11.-13. year of school here in Germany and it’s probably the equivalent of high school.

¿Porqué quiero ser AUPAIR?

I would love to experience a different culture and be on my own after school. In a place where no one knows me yet, I want to find myself.
I am also very interested in getting to know other people who have a completely different life situation and to find out what it is like to live in their country.
Working with children has always been a lot of fun and when I came across the au pair program, it turned out to be a win-win situation.