14 de March de 1995

About Candidate

Querida familia

My name is Daniela and I'm from Portugal.
I have always had a great desire to travel and a great affection for children. I always thought and was told that I could create a connection with them. I feel it's time to face my fears and go on this adventure that also brings great responsibility. And the best thing is that I'll be putting together my biggest dreams, which are to know new cultures and take care of children.

Mi personalidad

I am currently a fun person, very spontaneous and energetic. I'm almost always making fun of everything. I am very sincere, whatever I have to say I have and I have a lot of respect for people. When necessary, I can stay in my place.

Mi familia y mis amigos

I currently live with my mother and younger sister. They have always been and will be the most important people in my life. My sister and I have a very special bond, we even joke sometimes and say I'm almost her mother! (Not devaluing the respect we have for our mother, of course)
My love for children and taking care of them really started with my sister and the enormous affection I have for her.

Mis idiomas

My mother language is Portuguese, but I also speak good English and a little French. I learned English at school and in the many series and movies I watch. I also really liked learning German.

Mi tiempo libre y mis hobbies

Yes I have some hobbies. I really enjoy spending time at my church connecting with God, it's what I love to do most. I also really enjoy going out with my friends. When I was younger I wasn't very sociable, so I didn't have many friends, but God changed that in me (and many other things) and now I really enjoy going out and hanging out. I also really like watching series, taking walks outdoors, I love doing puzzles. Unfortunately I don't play any instruments, but I've always wanted to try playing the piano or keyboard.

Mis estudios

I initially trained as a restaurant/bar. I know how to do many things related to cafeteria. But it was never my first choice. My first choice has always been in the area of ​​early childhood education, it has always been a passion of mine,

¿Porqué quiero ser AUPAIR?

I want to know myself better. I want to expand my mind and explore new things, I want to see what I can do, how far I can go. Regarding the host family, I only ask that they welcome me and that we can help each other.


I have no allergies fortunately, nor do I have any kind of diet. In terms of my family dynamics, we are a close-knit, mutually supportive family.