24 de November de 1993

About Candidate

Querida familia

Dear future host family,

Thank you so much for clicking on my profile - it means a lot to me.

Mi personalidad

My friends often describe me as the one that holds the whole friend group together. I think it’s because I tend to be very communicative and I always want everyone to feel included. I like meeting new people but still enjoy always having my loved ones around me. This is also why I chose AuPair rather than backpacking or “work & travel”. A (semi-)permanent home is where I feel the safest and most secure in.

Mi familia y mis amigos

My family is definitely my safe space thanks to my mom, my dad and my older sister Jule. When I was six years old my parents broke up but thankfully stayed friends after. Ever since my sister and me became really close. Jule is nine years older than me and therefore often thinks she knows what’s best for me - most of the time she’s right though :). My parents are both really great because they always are just so understanding and supportive. They do everything they can to fulfill my dreams and wishes and this is what I appreciate most about them.

Mis idiomas

My first language is German. I am a 100% fluent and really enjoy German literature and poetry.

Mi tiempo libre y mis hobbies

My biggest passion is definitely horse riding. I first sat on a horse at only two years old and never really stopped since. :) Spending all my time at the barn with my horse gives me peace like nothing else does. It's not only the alethic part that thrills me but just being at the fresh air and "hanging out" with my horse makes me very happy. I also dance. I started with ballet at four years old then switched dance styles a couple of times and ended up with a mixture of "videoclip dancing" and freestyle, which I am currently doing for six years now. I don't compete but my group and I perform every now and then. :) And what developed into a huge hobby as well is baking. Trust me, I make the best apple crumble!

Mis estudios

Right now I am in twelfth grade and a Senior in German High School. I am aiming for what's called the "Abitur" - it's basically the German graduation. My advanced courses are German and English, which I chose because of my passion for languages and literature. I love reading poems or columns and analyzing them as well. :) Writing essays myself is also a thing I highly enjoy. Since I like getting to know new languages so much I also decided to start learning Italian almost two years ago. I'd describe myself as a very organized and ambitious student. Of course I don't get straight As in every class (math will be the death of me) but I care a lot about my grades.