25 de August de 2000

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Hello! My name is Hana and I am from Germany. I am planning on becoming a nanny/Au Pair next year (Maybe starting in July). I speak many languages: English, German, Kurdish, French and even Korean! I would say my language skills are quite advanced:) I‘ve had experience with babies and children before, as I have already had the job as a „babysitter“ for about 3-4 months, until I had to quit because I‘m still graduating right now. I will be finishing school next year and that’s also when I would love to participate as an AuPair.
That also means that I created this profile a little bit earlier

Mi familia y mis amigos

I have always liked children and I know how to deal with most of them. I honestly think it would be a necessary experience for me too, since I would have to rely on myself a lot.