22 de August de 2000

About Candidate

Querida familia

I'm Adara from Slovenia. I have just graduated in Sociology and I have a free year ahead of me, which I want to make the most of. I love to get to know new places, friendly people and cultures. I am a very motivated person. I'm simply a person who doesn't like to be stagnant, so I am always striving for progress. But I think that, apart from motivation, discipline is also important, and I certainly have that.

I want to become an au pair because I want to improve myself or to see myself in such an ordeal, to meet a new family and to meet new children. I want to share myself and my positivity with you.

Mi personalidad

Since I think Au pair is a unique opportunity to get to know myself as well as other people, I decided to give it a try. I am a sporty, discpilinated, punctual and positive person. I do my job diligently. My personality is warm, funny, easy-going and I'm very open minded!

I have a deep respect for having a healthy body, being active. I prioritize daily movement. I'm a big fan of sports. I eat healthy and exercise every day, so I am looking for a family who would not mind me going to the gym 4-5 times for an hour or two. I love healthy food (oats, rice, lentils, quinoa ,vegetables, lots of protein, fruits; real food/I don't eat junk food/products) and I'd be happy to cook you a nice healthy meal.

Mi familia y mis amigos

Family is something very important to me. My younger brother, my mother and grandparents are my little hearts. Plus I have a few real friends I can count on, and I am very grateful for them.

Mis estudios

I completed High School and I have Sociology bachelor's degree.